Ipswich – A Smart City


The City of Ipswich is delivering a bold, ambitious plan to become Australia’s most liveable and prosperous Smart City. Our vision is to be a truly connected community, full of ideas, energy and innovation.

It’s time to position the City for the future. As one of Australia’s fastest growing cities, now is the time to define our future prosperity with new technology solutions. Now is the time to sharpen our youthful edge by gathering data which will improve decision making within Council.



The Smart City initiatives are designed for Ipswich — our needs, our priorities and our people.

We are actively looking to forge innovative partnerships which will advance our vision for a sustainable City of the future. We are also looking for devices, applications and platforms to support the ongoing development of our Smart City. Visit our projects page for more information about our key initiatives and how to get involved.



Superior connectivity is essential in our Smart City, to network devices, applications and platforms which form its base architecture. Connectivity empowers our community and stimulates transformational change.

By 2018, Ipswich will be home to eight public Wi-Fi precincts and 12 sensor network deployments covering approximately 40% of the City.


Technology solutions which go beyond digital technology are essential in our Smart City. We are developing technology solutions to provide better and new services for the residents of Ipswich. We are embracing new ways of learning, living and working to help our City become more sustainable and efficient.




Shaping a Smart Vision

Contribute to the development of our Smart City initiatives and take advantage of Ipswich’s growing potential.