award-winning approach for city data
Award-winning approach for city data

January 19, 2018

Ipswich City Council, in partnership with Cohga, instituted an award-winning approach for city data which formed the foundation for an exciting 5D data modelling initiative. The work by Council and Cohga won the Spatial Enablement category at the Queensland Spatial Excellence awards in December 2017. One of the Smart City priorities is the development of a 5D model for visual collaboration of city data.

Council is continually assessing opportunities to improve how it delivers and provides spatial services internally and externally. As part of this, Council partnered with Cohga, the developers of Weave, to enhance and leverage its various information assets and capabilities.

The outcome of this partnership resulted in an easy to use solution that allows all staff to access spatial and non-spatial information in a simple and intuitive manner.

This solution is now the foundation for Council’s 5D data modelling initiative which brings together a range of corporate information and systems from the Ipswich Smart City program.

Starting with a three-dimensional digital model of above and below ground city infrastructure, dimensions of data and time are planned to be overlaid to produce the 5D Data Model.

Continuing the Smart City Program principals of open and interoperable platforms, the 5D Data Modelling initiative aims to further integrate Council data with state and federal government data as well as telecommunications and utility data.

This proven solution has laid the foundation for Councils 5D data modelling initiative. Under a new Digital City 2-Year Roadmap, the next phase of deployment is the Cohga External Mapping Solution and extending the 5D Model platform and data pilot initiative (through 2018).