Cooperative and Automated Vehicle Initiative – CAVI

Scope of work


CAVI is our Cooperative and Automated Vehicle Initiative, Ipswich will be a testing ground for intelligent transportation innovation.

Working with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Ipswich will run Australia’s largest cooperative intelligent transport system program — the Cooperative and Automated Vehicle Initiative. This will include a road testing trial and large-scale deployment of cooperative and automated technologies.

500 Ipswich motorists will be chosen to take part in the trial which is due to hit the road in 2019.

CAVI will test technologies which will make our roads safer and aim to validate their impact and benefits. These videos explain more about the types of technologies which will be used.



Benefits to Business

  • CAVI will validate the safety impacts and benefits of cooperative vehicles, publicly demonstrate technologies and increase technology uptake and readiness.

  • The initiative will research and develop better informed, safer, more coordinated and smarter transport technologies.

  • The partnerships and technology developed will be extended to a dedicated study and trial of autonomous electric vehicles used for public transport.

Benefits to Community

  • Commuting will be simpler and safer for our community with connected vehicles, innovative traffic management and autonomous transport.

  • The initiative will improve the environmental impact and the sustainability of the City.

  • Public transport innovations will lead to a more sustainable and efficient public transport system in Ipswich, by focusing on routes with low connectivity currently.

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