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Scope of work

The Health Living Lab initiative will work towards ensuring our Smart City is as healthy as possible.

We will be bringing together health providers from across Ipswich and beyond, to study the health of our community in new and innovative ways. The Health Living Lab will push the boundaries of health and wellness research, using advanced technologies like big data and analytics and wearable technology to capture real time health data.

The geographical size of Ipswich and the strength of our community connectedness make it an ideal testing ground for practical research and development to combat the health issues that impact not just Ipswich, but all of Australia.

Benefits to Business

  • The major study program will bring together private health providers, health insurance providers and health technology companies.

  • Health Living Lab will promote investment in the Health Care and Social Assistance industry, which is the second largest industry in the region.

  • An ongoing program will promote healthy behaviours and improve health in the region, creating scalable and exportable health solutions.

Benefits to Community

  • Faster response and intervention on community health issues will lead to better health and wellness outcomes for the residents of Ipswich.

  • Healthier and more active behaviours will be incentivised for participants to enhance citizen engagement and satisfaction.

  • The initiative will increase awareness and understanding for people living with health conditions.


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