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Scope of work

Building a resilient Smart City means addressing the Digital Skilling gap. In today’s rapidly evolving society and workplace, it is vital our community is ready for future challenges. We want to create opportunities which build digital literacy and skills, to keep jobs in Ipswich for continued growth and liveability.

The digital skilling initiative will be a collaboration of all levels of government, the education sector, the vocational training sector, social service providers, community groups and the private sector.

Innovation in this area has already been ignited by our start-up incubator Fire Station 101. Since opening in March 2016, Fire Station 101 has shaped a more connected innovation and entrepreneurial community in Ipswich and has worked with over 150 start-up business members. The Digital Skilling initiative will build on the success of Fire Station 101. You can read more about Fire Station 101.

Benefits to Business

  • Equip the workforce to take advantage of smart technology solutions for improved business outcomes.

  • Ipswich will transition from a town built on traditional manufacturing, to a City attracting new industries.

  • Economic activity in the CBD and wider City will be fostered, education will drive job growth and an environment for innovation will be created.

Benefits to Community

  • More of the population will become digitally literate and Ipswich youth will have the digital skills necessary to be successful in the emerging economy.

  • The City will keep pace with the digitisation macro-trend and digitisation of City services, increasing the sense of connectivity of the community.

  • Ipswich residents will have access to relevant digital education and training programs to future proof their employability.


Shaping a Smart Vision

Contribute to the development of our Smart City initiatives and take advantage of Ipswich’s growing potential.