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Connected City Lighting have an exciting role in the management of modern cities. In addition to keeping our streets safe, street lights are now also able to provide a platform for connecting our Smart City.

We are investigating a range of innovations to our lighting infrastructure network including:

  • Low-bandwidth sensor networks
  • Vehicle-to-infrastructure Wi-Fi connection
  • LED high-intensity discharge luminaires
  • Pollution and climate sensors
  • Noise and motion sensors
  • Safe City/traffic video
  • Remote operations
  • Solar energy


By making innovative amendments to our planning scheme policies we are now working with developers to increase the number of street lights operated and maintained by Ipswich City Council. We want our improvements to take into account the network as an infrastructure framework with the ability to enhance Smart City services and outcomes.


Initiative 1 – Ipswich Planning Scheme to require LEDs

Ipswich City Council Planning Scheme was amended to require developers to provide LED street lights. As well as improving the street lighting in our new suburbs, these lights will be ready to accept Smart Nodes which will form the backbone of Smart City communications. The development industry has welcomed this commitment to the exciting improvements in the city management.


Initiative 2 – NEMA 7 Smart Nodes

We are working closely with the national regulator, Australian Electricity Market Operator (AEMO) to ensure street light services remain affordable and can deliver on Smart City innovations. AEMO works to protect electricity prices for all customers by ensuring consumption is accurately measured.

Council is setting up a scientifically based measurement of NEMA 7 pin plugs or Smart Nodes in real life situations on several streets in Ipswich.

AEMO and local governments across the country are eagerly awaiting our measurements to ensure benefits of Smart City can be rolled out in the most effective method for all consumers. Results will be available from these street lights from mid-2018.

Benefits to Business

  • The use of sensors on our LED street lights will unlock huge economic and environmental benefits for Ipswich businesses.

  • Connected City Lighting will enable better quality data collection and analysis to assist formulate efficient business decisions.

  • The initiative will bring together and encourage greater collaboration of the public, private and government sectors.

Benefits to Community

  • The initiative will encourage positive environmental impacts and sustainability as a result of decreased energy consumption in Ipswich.

  • Better lighting results will increase safety and satisfaction for the residents of Ipswich.

  • There will be continuous improvement of the reliability and effectiveness of lighting for streets, parks and pathways, ancillary pedestrian and car parking areas.


Shaping a Smart Vision

Contribute to the development of our Smart City initiatives and take advantage of Ipswich’s growing potential.