Ipswich & West Moreton Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP)

Scope of work

One of the Smart City Program initiatives currently being delivered by Council is the Ipswich and West Moreton Advancing Regional Innovation Program (ARIP). The aim of the program is to develop entrepreneurial talent and activity within the region.

ARIP objectives

Council and the ARIP Advisory Committee have identified the following key objectives for 2018:

  • Develop synergies between entrepreneurial and innovation capabilities and skills programs delivered to start-ups, businesses and the community. TAFE Queensland will provide a parallel youth program to students in years 8 to 11 based on a problem solving challenge event. The program will promote entrepreneurial thinking and action-based learning through practical business development and provide participants with recognition of prior learning towards Certificate II modules upon completion of the week long program.


  • Encourage and establish the collaboration of stakeholders to build innovation capabilities across the regions and work in partnership to achieve common goals; problem solve challenging business issues and working as a cohort. These relationships are being developed through joint regional forums, cohesive Council consultations, and Chambers involvements, knowledge sharing discussions in addition to mentoring events which cater to all sectors from resourcing, manufacturing, industry and agriculture.


  • Develop communities of practice by increased access to innovation mentors and experts for the total regional innovation ecosystem including start-ups, small to medium enterprises, industry, researchers, mentors, and investors. Council is currently preparing a schedule of upcoming mentoring, business development workshop and training events to be held at various locations.


  • Lead and influence the succession of the program by ensuring activities have broad support and contributions from multiple partners. Council is currently engaging additional partners to further support the program and increase the matched funding stock to secure the prospective three year period.


  • Establish the sustainability of the program objective by seeding activities, creating relationships and curricula that will extend beyond the funding commitment for this program. This is being transpired by encouraging entities to work cohesively utilising the ARIP program and funding as a preliminary basis for direction and guidance.


Once information on how local businesses and community can participate in the Ipswich and West Moreton Advancing Regional Innovation Program is finalised, it will be provided and promoted through all available Council and partner channels.

Led by Ipswich City Council, the program is co-funded by the Queensland Government Department of Innovation, Tourism and Industry Development, and delivered by the ARIP partners. Members of the program collaborate on three levels, a Governance Committee, Advisory Members and Delivery Partners. Current program members include Springfield City Group, Little Tokyo Two, Fire Station 101, HaTCH Recruitment, TAFE Queensland, University of Southern Queensland, Ipswich Chamber of Commerce, Motor Trade Association of Queensland, Llewellyn Motors and Telstra. Stakeholders such as Scenic Rim Regional Council, Somerset Regional Council and Lockyer Valley Regional Council are also involved.

Benefits to Business

  • Enhanced collaboration between public and private sectors

  • Development of state, private and tertiary education providers to match projected population growth

  • Advancement of innovative digital communications


Benefits to Community

  • Provision of adequate skilling and knowledge to assist the community to have rewarding careers

  • Fostering skills development, community prosperity and livability

Ipswich and West Moreton inclusive of Scenic Rim, Somerset and Lockyer Valley as a collaboration of neighbours are excited to provide our community with the Advanced Regional Innovation Program (ARIP). It has been devised as part of the Ipswich Smart City initiative to assist regions to cohesively assist the eco-system by responding to local needs and regional capability development.

Ipswich City Council, in partnership with Advance Queensland, is leading the project as the pioneering connector for people, places and programs. The aim for all our partners is to provide community connectivity through innovation, entrepreneurial capability and skills. ARIP encourages and establishes collaboration of stakeholders to build innovation aptitudes and develop communities of practice through increased access to innovation mentors and experts. We aim to make an impact by supporting activities that make a demonstrable difference to innovation-driven opportunities and jobs in the region.

We hope you will be able to join us in our journey of developing an increased maturity of regional innovation initiatives catering for jobs for the future.

Maria Baker - ARIP Project Management Officer
Economic Development – Smart City Branch
Ipswich City Council
P: 07 3810 7402



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