Myriad Festival 2018

Scope of work

From global thought leaders, international brands to Australian entrepreneurs, Myriad Festival 2018 will showcase emerging technology, inspirational personal stories and educate through immersive experiences. Council has been invited by the Queensland Government Department of Innovation, Tourism and Industry Development to exhibit at the Myriad Festival 2018.

Council will be leading a delegation of Ipswich success stories as part of the region’s presentation. Over 3000 total attendees and hundreds of businesses, investors, developers and entrepreneurs will be actively engaged in the Myriad program.

Council will be supporting up to ten startups as part of its Myriad exhibit in 2018 while promoting many more businesses and opportunities through dedicated collateral and communications. Two of the Ipswich startup success stories Council will showcase at Myriad this year are Kate Perry of Wiserr and Tim and Jeremy Butler of Naeus.

wiserr        naeus

Ipswich based Wiserr showcases a website connecting people with the knowledge, skills and experience to those seeking it. Wiserr connects the community, adds value and breaks down barriers of isolation by helping to create meaningful work opportunities. Founder and Entrepreneur Kate says Council and Fire Station 101 provided in the early success of Wiserr. She attributes this to the quality and accessibility of mentorship, events and the programs being organised and facilitated.

Naeus is a new Ipswich business that is the result of collaboration between brothers Tim and Jeremy, Council and Fire Station 101. Naeus is an application powered by community knowledge from local experts and explorers for people to have a more interactive experience on walking trails. Tim says Fire Station 101 has been critical to their success, from the initial hackathon through to events, mentoring and having a body of knowledge to bounce ideas off. Council’s assistance on the journey so far has been imperative to success. Watch the video to learn more.

Key Milestones

  • Promote Ipswich's startup success stories

  • Generate connections with potential entrepreneurs

  • Attract investors to make Ipswich their preferred startup location or investment option

Benefits to Business

  • Build momentum for Ipswich’s flourishing technology and innovation ecosystem

  • Support startups and entrepreneurs to connect with investors, enterprise and government

  • Drive innovation, build on our natural advantages and help raise the region’s profile as an attractive investment destination

Benefits to Community

  • Contribute to the knowledge economy and create new pathways for future leaders to generate wealth

  • Increase the use of on-line and digital communications to deliver and promote services and information


Shaping a smart vision

Contribute to the development of our Smart City initiatives and take advantage of Ipswich’s growing potential.