North Ipswich Reserve Pilot Project

Scope of work

The North Ipswich Reserve is one of the Smart City pilot projects incorporating smart technology within a Council owned and managed location.The scope of services implemented in the North Ipswich Reserve Pilot Project includes:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Smart benches with mobile phone charging capabilities
  • Smart Automated Mower (SAM) – controlled through an app which allow actions such as changing lawn cutting heights
  • A smart lighting program with LEDs, sensors and data analytics
  • Smart camera entry to allow for video analytics
  • Waste sensors to monitor and notify Council when the bins reach a threshold
  • Smart poles with intelligent light controls and EV charging station (by the end of November)
  • Smart environmental monitoring for irrigation and turf management

Benefits to Business

  • New technology solutions and opportunities will be implemented, assessed and potentially scaled in quick time.

  • Video analytics will allow for better understanding of demographic breakdown to plan better events.

  • Better understand demographic breakdown of visitors to plan and deliver customer-centric events.

  • Trial new technology to support development of new businesses.

  • Council services will be improved and made more efficient with the use of innovative technology.


Benefits to Community

  • Intelligent light controls and video analytics will make the reserve safer for the community to enjoy.

  • Smart benches will provide a highly convenient technology solution to the community.

  • Council will be more responsive using technology, for example emptying bins according to need and cleaning facilities during high usage periods.


Shaping a Smart Vision

Contribute to the development of our Smart City initiatives and take advantage of Ipswich’s growing potential.