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Ipswich is home to vast natural bushland and native wildlife, with 28% of Ipswich classed as remote conservation estate. The Remote Piloted System (RPS) initiative will assist in protecting our natural bushland and wildlife for future enjoyment. As our region spans more than 1,200 square kilometres, this is no small commitment.

With remote technology, we are improving data collection, aerial mapping techniques and the way we survey the region for new planning developments. Council’s Works, Parks and Recreation Department has been actively engaged in drones and remote testing since 2015. We are bringing our staff on the journey, upskilling employees to work with the latest technology to innovate the way we analyse data.

We are investigating using the technology in key Council operational areas including:

  • Asset management
  • Disaster management
  • Landfill and quarry management
  • Marketing and tourism
  • Vegetation and pest management, and
  • Compliance management


While remote technology provides advanced mobility, it will be the innovative applications developed around video analytics and data which will deliver the greatest return. Council is partnering with remote piloted system technology proponents, entrepreneurs and developers who can use the Smart City Data Platform to consider relevant challenges and co-design dynamic business solutions.



Council recently closed a tender which called for service providers in different categories including partial service and a partnership arrangement. Partial service providers include FYFE, Ninox, RPS Australia, BJ North and Terramap Pty Ltd. The partnership providers are Australian UAV, Aerial Drone Solutions, Airborn Insight, Grenof Water, V-TOL Aerospace, InSky and National Drones. The recently appointed panel of companies will provide their expertise across specific areas and train Council staff in remote piloted system operations.


Benefits to Business

  • The initiative will result in improved data collection and analysis for a more efficient Council.

  • The initiative will allow faster asset issue identification and resolution.

  • Greater quality footage for marketing and tourism purposes will be utilised, driving tourism potential in Ipswich.


Benefits to Community

  • Using new technologies to better monitor our natural environment will allow for targeted conservation and pest management strategies.

  • Council will be better positioned for disaster management, improving safety for the community in the event of a disaster.

  • Data collected will be used to allow for proactive maintenance of public spaces.


Shaping a Smart Vision

Contribute to the development of our Smart City initiatives and take advantage of Ipswich’s growing potential.