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Scope of work

Council owned and managed Rosewood Showgrounds has been established as a test location for innovative Smart City technology. The Rosewood Pilot Project showcases technology to transform the way a site with Recreational Vehicle (RV) camping facilities, a hall and a showground area is managed.

The scope of services which have been implemented include:

  • Free Wi-Fi in the showgrounds
  • LED luminaires with Nema 7 pin nodes to allow street lights to be controlled remotely
  • Sensors on water tanks to monitor water levels
  • Installation of solar panels on roof, integrated batteries and micro-grid technology
  • Waste sensors to notify Council when the bins reach a threshold
  • Video analytics for Safe City and traffic management
  • Environmental monitoring station to record temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction
  • Traffic counting camera and cameras to determine the number of vacant parking spots
  • A full keyless entry to the hall
  • People counters at amenities block to notify Council when the block needs cleaning due to high usage
  • Installation of IoT and supporting infrastructure

Benefits to Business

  • This initiative will allow new technology solutions and opportunities to be implemented, assessed and potentially scaled in quick time.

  • Council services will be improved and made more efficient with the use of innovative technology.


Benefits to Community

  • Council will be more responsive using technology, for example emptying bins according to need and cleaning facilities during high usage periods.

  • Booking Council facilities will be smoother, with technology allowing booking and payment online and access codes sent straight to a smartphone.

  • Free Wi-Fi is now available for the community to use.


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