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Scope of work

The Smart City Data Platform is a successfully built single central city data platform that ingests, orchestrates (usable) and visualises data from the smart infrastructure in near real time. Our upcoming activities will be embedding control and scheduling functions centrally into the city data platform and to provide a user friendly interface for these activities.

At its core, the Smart City Data Platform builds data on everything from traffic patterns to the weather, air quality to power consumption and irrigation levels to power consumption. By analyzing the trend data, Council will be able to develop data-driven solutions to improve service quality, reduce costs and shorten delivery times.


Benefits to Business

  • Access to area specific analytics will allow operational and maintenance costs reduction.

  • New technology solutions and opportunities will be implemented, assessed and potentially scaled in quick time.

  • Intelligent access to real time data enables efforts to be utilised in the most efficient and effective way.

Benefits to Community

  • Positive environmental impact and sustainability.

  • Council’s service quality and delivery times will be shortened with improved data collection and transparency.


Shaping a smart vision

Contribute to the development of our Smart City initiatives and take advantage of Ipswich’s growing potential.