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The Smart Parks, Buildings and Facilities initiative formalises the commitment of Council to innovative design, usage and maintenance of city spaces.

Ipswich City Council is responsible for more than 500 parks, buildings, sporting facilities and other multi-use assets across more than 1,200 square kilometres of the Ipswich local government area.

Initiative 1: Smart Lighting for Sport Facilities

We have implemented a light control system to remotely access, test and control existing Sport LED’s within Council’s sport field network. Sport club bookings will be able to be linked to the timing of the lights and therefore potentially reduce energy consumption and avoid lights being on outside of booked hours.

Benefits to Business

  • Operational and maintenance costs will be reduced as lights will only be turned on during booked hours.

  • New technology solutions and opportunities will be implemented, assessed and potentially scaled in quick time.

Benefits to Community

  • Council’s service quality and delivery times will be shortened with improved data collection and transparency.

  • Positive environmental impact and sustainability.

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Shaping A Smart Vision

Contribute to the development of our Smart City initiatives and take advantage of Ipswich’s growing potential.