It is an exciting time to be in Ipswich as we deliver a bold, ambitious plan to become Australia’s most liveable and prosperous Smart City.

Our Smart City goes beyond digital technology. We are embracing new ways of working. New ways of learning. And new ways of living. Our vision is to be a truly connected community, full of ideas, energy and innovation.

As one of Australia’s fastest growing cities, now is the time to define our future prosperity. Now is the time to sharpen our youthful edge with programs and projects that bring technology to life and into our lives.

It’s a bold and ambitious plan, but together we will co-create a city that is safer, healthier and more connected with better technology, better living and better together initiatives.

These initiatives are designed specifically for Ipswich — our needs, our priorities and importantly, our people — and are culminated in our Smart City Program.


Our Smart City Program is built on more than digital connectivity alone, but superior connectivity and technology are core pillars to enabling many of our initiatives.

We have built, and continue to build, the architecture needed to deliver a Smart City Program that empowers our community and stimulates transformational change. With the adoption of new models and new infrastructure — like mobile phone, NBN, public WiFi and sensor networks — we’re creating a future that bridges the digital divide, bringing us all closer together.

And this future is bright. By 2018, Ipswich will be home to eight public WiFi precincts and 12 sensor network deployments covering approximately 40% of the city.

It’s for this reason, we’re constantly looking for devices, applications and platforms that can support the ongoing development of our Smart City Program. Our Partner page has more information about how to get involved, or you can read up on our Initiatives.